Jerry and Bella Hartless

Dear Friends,

I want to, personally thank you for taking the time to visit this website and consider partnering with me to save children, transform lives, and elevate the community located in Bela Vista, Mozambique on the southeast cost of Africa. My daughter Bella and I established the Bellasnova Foundation as a “giving” initiative for my colleagues, community leaders, business owners, and ourselves. It is our desire to instill in the next generation the value of positive community development, entrepreneurial involvement, and giving principles.

The Bellasnova Foundation is committed to helping the younger generation make a difference in the world starting at a young age. As a partner with the Bellasnova Foundation, the leverage that you and I can have together to create opportunities and contribute to the world and society is significant. We can help the next generation and present society to start thinking in an unconventional manner and look at the world through a different paradigm to make a difference. Actions speak louder than words and that is why I have started this foundation, launched this website, and created an opportunity for you to do your part in changing the world by giving. It is my hope that this website will help you understand the seriousness of our mission with the Bellasnova Foundation.

Please take a few moments to visit the website to learn about the company that I formed called Peixe Bela Vista LDA to help fund the ongoing operation in Mozambique. My hope is that you will join me to expand the Bellasnova Foundation to save children, transform a community, and ultimately make a significant difference in the world – Bella & Jerry

Transforming Lives. Transforming Communities.