Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking interest in the Bellasnova Adventure Africa trip. The trip to Africa is being lead by Bellasnova Foundation executive staff and travel agents. Bellasnova’s headquarters is based in Houston, TX however the foundation’s mission extends across the globe. Bellasnova has a mission to broaden trip participants’ global education and worldview, provide tourism, create humanitarian and ministry opportunities, and improve the overall quality of human life. Bellasnova has a special interest in helping children in the most poverty stricken community of the world while providing trip participants exposure to Africa’s beauty and endless opportunities.

On this trip you will be exposed to and take part in the tourism and the beauty of Africa and the ministry and humanitarian work of the foundation. The adventure of this trip will take place in both the nations of South Africa and Mozambique. The ministry, humanitarian, and tourism you will be exposed to include but are not limited to the following:

  • Caring for, educating, ministering, and reaching out to orphaned and poverty stricken children
  • Jail and prison
  • Child interaction with local schools
  • Hospital visits and caring for the ill
  • Farming and feeding programs such as fish, chicken, cattle, and more
  • Community outreaches

Recreational points of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • National parks
  • African wildlife and safari
  • Elephant Whisperers
  • African terrain, land, and other natural beauty

The Bellasnova Foundation will be holding planning meetings leading up to the trip. If you would like to be informed on when and where these meetings take place please contact us at


The Executive Team